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About Psychology - Psychology Quotes and Facts - Chapter 2

About Psychology - Psychology Quotes and Facts - Chapter 2

“When you tell yourself (I can’t do it) or (I’m not good enough), don’t forget to add (yet) at the end.”

“Mental toughness is the ability to maintain peak performance through stress (adversity, pressure), discomfort (pain, fatigue), distractions (media, crowd noise), and also success (boredom, complacency).”

“if you can only be tall because someone else is on their knees, you have serious problem.”

“Humanity is the product of knowladge: self-conceit poisons the mind, self-conceit impedes progress, pride mars greatness. Humality is one of the nets spread by real greatness, boastning issues from small minds.”

“It took me a very long time to understand that: a life void of genuinely loving one another is simply not worth living.”

“The saddest thing about betrayal is that it does not come from your enemy but rather your closest of companions; from whom you least expect. In the end we won’t remember the words of our enemies; but, the silence is of our friends.”

About Psychology - Psychology Quotes and Facts - Chapter 2

“Once you become successful, don’t forget that is was hard work that made you successful. Don’t think you can maintain your success without having to continue working hard.”

“As a teacher, let your students be themselves and express their individuality, but also make sure they comform to important rules, behaviors, and attitudes.”

“Chase your dream not money. If money is your main goal, you’ll find an easier way to make money and give up on your dream, but you’ll regret this. You’ll never regret living your dream. But if you can make good money while living your dream, that’s ever better.”

“Find moments throughout your day to practice mindfulness, which is the concentration on the present moment without judgement.”

“The main difference between games and practice is pressure. So compared to practice if you struggle in games, it’s not random. You most likely need help with your mental game so you can perform better under pressure.”

About Psychology - Psychology Quotes and Facts - Chapter 2

“You can exercise so you can eat unhealthy, or you can exercise and eat healthy so you can perform your best. However, it’s still important to enjoy your food.”

“Working hard feels a lot better when you do it voluntarily instead of being forced to work hard by someone else. Be self-motivated, try to work hard without having anyone els telling you to do so.”

“Being mentally tough in sports helps you with life, and being metally touhg in life helps you with sport.”

“The most disciplined people get the most out of their motivation. They don’t need a lot to motivate themselves to start working, and if they’re feeling very motivated, they get a ton of work done.”

About Psychology - Psychology Quotes and Facts - Chapter 2

“Remind yourself: Opinion don’t define your reality, happiness is found within, the past can’t be changed, overthinking will lead to sadness, everyone’s journey is different, What goes around, comes around, Positive vibes create positive outcome.”

“You overcome your fears to the extent to which you suffer through them. As you get used to them, you realize how unscary they are and how brave you are.”

“The most important thing an people needs in order to succeed is desire. With enough of it, an people will do whatever it takes to succeed. Without it, nothing else metters. Even if you’re given all the opportunities or tools, if you don’t desire to do something, you won’t do it.”

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