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About Psychology - Psychology Quotes and Facts - Chapter 1

Psychology Quotes and Facts - Chapter 1

“Hey, if You're reading this end You're in a bad spot mentally or anything, I hope You feel better soon and have a good day.”

“Walk away from fights that will never be resolved, walk away from trying to please people who will never see your worth, walk away from people who put you down, the more you walk away from things that poison your soul, the healther you will be.”

“Psychology says, people don't say what they truly feel because they don't want to or they just don't know how to express it”

“Psychologi says, staying quiet doesn't mean you've got nothing to say. it means you don't think they're ready to hear your thoughts.”

“What other think of You is not significant, what You think about Yourself is ........?? and that makes all the difference.”

“People who have an internal locus of control tend to feel more in control, have a greater sense of self efficacy, and are typically happie and healthier. Those who possess an external locus of control often feel helpless, powerless, and unmotivated to make changes in their lives.”

“Don't be diluted, faded, or flavorless. Be firm, confident, positive, principled, and active. It's people who try hard that make any change possible.”

“Most people are good, they hate wrongdoing and injustice and like goodness and justice, but invest little in action to support those values. Make yourself count. Make a positive impact with your words, vote, money, time, relationships, and actions.”

“Although psychology has proposed scales of ethics and morality, it's objective is not to study what is moral and what is not, but rather what different morals exist.”

“Focus on Yourself, You need love. Chasing love to fill up Your own validations for the ego isn't love, it's a codependent behavior. Love can not be asked for, chased or looked for inside others.”

"The opposite 'dejavu' is 'jamais vu' not being able to recognize a word, person, or place that You actually know."

“Power compels, money persuades.”

“Don't try to change 'the world', change Your world, Your community's world, the worlds of Your loved ones, 'the world' can be a distraction.”

“Foundations of critical thinking; maintain a healthy skepticism, examine the definition of terms, examine the assumptions or premises of arguments, be cautiousin drawing conclusions from 'evidence'.”

“Strong leaders bring good times, good times breed weak leaders, weak leaders bring bad times, and bad times breed strong leaders.”

“I look at society around me and I see an increase in silliness and foolery, there's a general lack of responsibility among the masses, Men in their early twenties are still acting like petty children, there's extravagance in our living, welack gratitude, and we've become soft.”

“You have enemies? if You have? good! welcome the attacks of Your enemies for how much they improve Your work and toughen You up.”

“The best things in life are free; family, friends, love, hugs, smiles, sleep, laughter and good memories.”

“A man who wishes to maintain his honor does not beg a woman, who no longer loves him, to continue loving him.”

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