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About Psychology - Psychology Quotes and Facts - Chapter 3

Psychology Quotes and Facts - Chapter 3

“Care to little, you’ll lose them! Care too much, you’ll get hurt!”
“Trust in actions, Don’t trust in words”

“Cognitive therapy is based on the principle that thaoughts and perceptions can impact our feelings and behaviour, and looks at way to reassess negative thoughts so individuals can learn more simples."

“Signs someone actually cares: (Drive save), (Be save), (How was Your day?), (Did You eat?), (Be careful), (Text me when You’re home).”

“Some people actually enjoy feeling sorry for themselves, but this is lowest level of happiness. Strive for more! You deserve to be happier! Rise up, excel, and become truly happy!”

Psychology Quotes and Facts - Chapter 3

“A person generally hates you for three reasons: They see You as a threat! They want to be You! They hate themselves!”

“Travel research concludes that every new memory becomes a source of joy that stays with us for our entire lives. Going on travel trips, learning new skills, and even partaking in extreme sports are all ideal sources of happiness.”

“Intelligent men tend to be more faithful.”

“A 40-year study conducted by the University of Helsinki concluded that people who take less than three weeks off work every year were 37% more likely to die young than those who gave greater priority to their vacation time.”

Psychology Quotes and Facts - Chapter 3

“If you start winning so much, it can sometimes get boring and you can lose motivation. You need to find new ways to challenge yourself to stay motivated and excited about winning.”

“Research - when we travel, we experience the same increase in happiness initially as we do purchasing something we desire. The level of happiness we derive from purchasing falls over time, the memories of our trips continue to supply us with happiness hormones far longer.”

“If you're struggling, that means you're progressing.”

“If you have someone special, hold on to them tightly. Never let them go, Appreciate them constantly, Be there for them as well. No wealth can compare to this.”

“Never Forget; - who your true friends are - who truly loves you - who you truly are.”

Psychology Quotes and Facts - Chapter 3

"Love is sweet when it's new. But it is sweeter when it's true."

“Personally, one of the saddest things for me is when someone I've cared about & or known for years, blocks or unfollows me. I normally don't care about unfollows from people. But there are specific people I care about that actually manage to disappoint me when they unfollow.”

"Keeping a positive attitude is the first step to bouncing back after a loss. If you’re too negative, you’re already a step behind."

"You've heard it countless times - "Life is about the journey, not the destination."

"To maintain desire and intimacy in a relationship, you must engineer distance and separateness into it. Understand this."

"Every no gets you closer to a yes. Use objections to guide you."

"Perhaps one of the scariest things about being human is our changeable nature
It's so disheartening to see people change after getting promoted, married, attaining wealth, losing a loved one etc."

Psychology Quotes and Facts - Chapter 3

"When you fight with monsters, be careful that you don’t become a monster."

"Seek first to understand people, then to be understood."

"The cure to boredom is curiosity. And the cure for curiosity is discovery."

"When you love someone excessively, they're just misunderstood even when they transgress. When you hate someone excessively, you intentionally twist them to make them out to be transgressors even when they're not. Both love or hate can blind, & truth is always lost in the process."

"Make original mistakes! Show up on time! Do not brag about being busy! Admit when you're wrong! More random acts of kindness! Hear the unsaid! Networking is about giving! Good manners > good education! Your health is priority one! Always be kind! Do not respond to negativity! Learn to learn!"

"Happiness is the achievement of your values."

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